Insulating glass with integrated premium quality blinds





Unicel Wins Architectural Record’s Product of the Year Award for ViuLite® Blinds-within-Glass Product

ViuLite® is a system of blinds that are permanently sealed within a double-glazed cavity for a completely dust-free and maintenance-free environment. ViuLite® ensures total protection against dirt, germs and weather conditions.

ViuLite® provides protection from solar radiation and can quickly regulate the internal environmental lighting levels. It filters light transmission and controls the effects of daylight with a simple tilting of the blinds. Heat and visual comfort are easily adjusted to accommodate the changing seasonal conditions.

Hermetically sealed, ViuLite® Venetian blinds are produced with 1/2” (12.5mm) wide aluminum slats featuring a choice of colors.  The versatility of both product choice and control mechanisms makes ViuLite® suitable for all types of framing systems.

About Unicel Architectural

Unicel is an authorized manufacturer of Pellini ScreenLine® Integrated Blinds in North America and its exclusive distributor in Canada. The new ViuLite® product combines Unicel's expertise in specialty glazing and Pellini's market leadership and integrated blind technology.