About Unicel Architectural

For over 50 years, Unicel Architectural has built a reputation for manufacturing the most advanced aluminum and glass solutions. These solutions encompass louvered glazing, blinds between glass, skylights and more, to enhance major global construction initiatives with the utmost quality and reliability. With its proprietary technology, Unicel’s Vision Control® delivers unprecedented comfort and control over vision, light, temperature and sound with a patented combination of louvers between glass that are hermetically sealed and cordless. Unicel’s solutions are guaranteed for longevity, optimized for energy efficiencies, and customizable to any design, environmental or cultural requirements.  Unicel combines its market leading know-how with great design to ensure optimal aesthetics and sustainable performance.

À propos d’Unicel Architectural

Unicel est un fabricant autorisé de stores intégrés ScreenLineMD de Pellini en Amérique du Nord et son distributeur exclusif au Canada. Le nouveau produit ViuLiteMD allie le savoir-faire d'Unicel en matière de vitrage spécialisé et le leadership de Pellini en matière de marché et de technologie des stores intégrés.