• Blinds are sealed in an insulating glass unit for a germ-free, hygienic environment with reduced risk of infection and allergies

  • Enhanced solar shading features, blocks unwanted glare, heat, and harmful UV rays

  • Blinds can tilt and raise (tilt-only also available)

  • No cleaning or maintenance required

  • Protected from damage unlike exterior blinded systems

  • Variable control of vision (the blinds can be angled such that vision is permitted from one area to another, but limited in the opposite direction)

  • Esthetically pleasing design element for daylight and vision control

  • santized3SL20P and SL20S control mechanisms are protected with Sanitized® patented antimicrobial technology to ensure long-lasting hygiene function

Performance Values Superior to Regular Insulating Glass Units (IGU) and Variable Solar Heat Gain Coefficients (SHGC)

À propos d’Unicel Architectural

Unicel est un fabricant autorisé de stores intégrés ScreenLineMD de Pellini en Amérique du Nord et son distributeur exclusif au Canada. Le nouveau produit ViuLiteMD allie le savoir-faire d'Unicel en matière de vitrage spécialisé et le leadership de Pellini en matière de marché et de technologie des stores intégrés.