• Made with industry-leading ScreenLine® technology, 100% original Pellini Design
  • Custom-manufactured with any glazing types (tempered, heat-strengthened, tinted, laminated, wired, polycarbonate, leaded, glass-clad polycarbonate, and more)
  • Warm-edge spacers for enhanced energy efficiencies
  • Argon filled airspace for up to 25% in U-value improvements
  • 27/32” (21.4mm) airspace to fit into tighter glass pocket depths
  • Between-glass-blinds can be readily installed in exterior and interior applications
  • SL20A/SL20C/SL20P/SL20B/SL20S/SL20M models available
  • Options for both external and internal motors
  • Electric accessories are available for control networks
  • Standard warranty: 5 years on blinds (10 years with premium), 2 years on electrical accessories
  • Supported by Unicel’s 50+ years record of exemplary customer service
  • ADA compliant operators available
  • santized3

    Protected with Sanitized® – SL20P and SL20S control devices are treated with Sanitized® patented antimicrobial technology using silver ions as an active biocidal substance. The Sanitized® antibacterial treatment protects against bacteria and odor

À propos d’Unicel Architectural

Unicel est un fabricant autorisé de stores intégrés ScreenLineMD de Pellini en Amérique du Nord et son distributeur exclusif au Canada. Le nouveau produit ViuLiteMD allie le savoir-faire d'Unicel en matière de vitrage spécialisé et le leadership de Pellini en matière de marché et de technologie des stores intégrés.